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Meet our first product!

At Olive Kube we appreciate the details of brewing a perfect cup of Coffee and have developed a drip coffee pot to lift your coffee drinking experience. The secret to a full body flavoursome taste when using the hand pour brewing technique is how the water is poured over your freshly ground coffee. With the swan's-neck spout, precisely control the flow of water and prevent bubbling.

The minimalist, timeless design will look great in any kitchen.

Olive Kube Coffee drip kettle front view

All of our products are backed by a two year warranty

Buying homeware has never been so risk free.

Our story

We started Olive Kube to address issues we saw in the homeware market. We were tired of seeing low quality products that didn't last a month. On the other hand we also saw that the market was swamped with very expensive products that could not necessarily justify their high price.

We wanted to bring products to the market that were

Olive Kube Logo

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